The Process Pros believe that continuous improvement requires a holistic approach to implement sustainable results and a systematic method to document, analyze, control and monitor critical processes.

The holistic approach – download the brochure
The holistic approach aims at implementing continuous improvement, aligning processes, roles, technology and governance. The two core challenges are:

  1. How do I implement and sustain?
  2. How do I engage staff and the team?

The Process Pros use tools of LeanSixSigma to define process improvements or Agile to optimize technology. We strongly believe that successful change and continuous improvement requires engagement of staff and managers, because it is not processes or systems that change, people change.

The Process Pros create tailor made process simulations or use their process improvement exercise The Stocking Factory to facilitate the improvements and change process.

We guide the change management process with the PROSCI methodology; an evidence-based comprehensive strategy with easy-to-use tools. Our workshops and simulations build high ADKAR scores to remove barrier points to change.

The systematic Method – download the brochure
The systematic method is needed to document, analyze, control and monitor critical processes. The two core challenges are:

  1. How do I document consistently and efficiently?
  2. How do I update and sustain easily?

The Process Pros implement Rules 8 from Mavim as a powerful business tool for managers to manage all business documentation. Process maps, system manuals, professional practices, or guidelines need to be documented carefully and efficiently. Not too much detail, not too much text, no overload of schemes and flowcharts. We set up the templates so you can document consistently and efficiently.

All documentation is captured in one repository. A 360o road map of your processes and systems drives continuous insights into business operations. Rules 8 facilitates a well-coordinated implementation of technology, processes, roles and responsibilities. Or easy updates of manuals, process maps and system functions. Rules 8 has all modern features to capture your business’ documentation and to share amongst the teams.