Lessons learned in Dutch Municipalities

Denmark and Holland have a lot in common both cultural as well as the way the societies are organized. Both countries experienced similar challenges and problems. Many study trips have been undertaken to learn from each other. In 2015 a major change has been implemented in the Social Domain with the delegation of tasks and responsibilities to municipalities. The ‘Danish model’ is widely seen as an example for this change. Now, in the post-implementation phase it is interesting to learn what lessons can be learned and how the Dutch and Danish situation compare and contrast.

In this workshop we will present lessons and best practices from the Netherlands. The best practices show the implementation of process management results in improved customer service, reduced costs and more happy co-workers. We will engage you in an energizing team exercise. You will get some interesting insights on how to organize care with a supply chain based approach to service families more effectively.


  •  Presentation best practice: organizing the front stage
  •  Process simulation on the Social Domain
  •  Compare and contrast the Dutch and Danish models
  •  Presentation best practice: supply chain management as a lever for managing social problems*
  •  Discussion and exchange of experiences

The spoken language during this workshop is English.

*This case was also presented at the ASQ conference in Vancouver, Canada. ASQ is a global leader in Quality Improvement and Standards.

Date, time and venue
 29 November from 08.00 – 10.00 at a central location in Copenhagen.
 30 November from 08.00 – 10.00 at a central location in Arhus