The Stocking Factory – download the brochure
The Stocking Factory is a well-established tool that gives great insights and guarantees fun. A challenging, engaging and energizing team exercise. It can be used for multiple learning objectives, including but not limited to:

  • Drive continuous improvement
  • Improve practical skills to fulfill staff’s day-to-day roles individually as well as in a team;
  • Align the teams to a shared vision and identify common ground among goals
  • Enhance collaboration within teams or across ‘silos’ within an organization;
  • Challenge the status quo and explore a paradigm shift;

The participating team will:

  • Design the process of delivery and agree on roles and responsibilities;
  • Execute the process by delivering orders to the customers;
  • Evaluate team performance and customer satisfaction;
  • Define improvements to the process, organization and roles;
  • Implement the improvements by executing the process once again;
  • Assess team performance and customer satisfaction and celebrate better team performance.

Rules 8, the BPM tool – download the brochure

The Process Pros are reseller and implement Rules 8 from Mavim as a powerful business tool for managers to manage all business documentation. All documentation is captured in one repository. A 360o road map of your processes and systems drives continuous insights into business operations. Rules 8 has all modern features to capture your business’ documentation and to share amongst the teams.

Check the site of Mavim

The Continuous Improvement Check – download the brochure

The Continuous Improvement Check will give you practical solutions and a clear direction to make the next steps towards Continuous Improvement. The CIC looks into the four key aspects:

  1. The use of data and information
  2. The use of technical tools and skills
  3. The Process Leadership and Governance processes
  4. The skills of teams to implement and sustain

Based on the four key factors the next steps for your organization can be defined to;

  1. Harvest the low hanging fruit
  2. Optimize the use of tools and skills
  3. Increase sustainability