We use the tools of Lean SixSigma and document processes with process models, flowcharts, and value stream maps. Moreover, we strongly enhance our clients’ logical thinking in business process management with our interactive methods.

We promise the best of creativity and professionalism:

  •  Exciting workshops
  •  Interesting process games (The Stocking Factory)
  •  Process simulations with stunning results
  •  Training courses on process behaviour and supply chain management.
  •  Innovative solutions to social problems for governments
  •  Realising business challenges for industries
  •  New management concepts by implementing process management
  • • Reducing barrier points and building high ADKAR scores

We promise that you will have fun working with us, and that it will be a learning experience for both of us.

Promises, promises? We guarantee process improvements

  • Reducing operating costs
  • Improving efficiency and effectiveness
  • Enhancing cooperation between people/departments (e.g. Front Office and Back Office staff)
  • Improving the service level of your organization
  • Increasing customer value
  • Implementing methods like Lean, Six Sigma, and ISO
  • Redesigning processes and organizational units